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When buying textbooks, there are a few things you should take into consideration, so you can save the most money. You have the choice of buying new or buying used, but there are other choices to consider.

There are Lots of Ways to Buy Cheap Textbooks!

Get the ISBN of the book.

If you want to ensure that you get the right textbook, then you should get the ISBN for the textbook your professor wants you to buy. The ISBN is unique to every textbook edition and professors should know right away what you are talking about when you ask for it. You can also find it yourself if you look on the back of the textbook above or below the barcode. Sometimes you’ll see a 10 digit ISBN, sometimes you’ll see a 13 digit ISBN that starts with 978 and most of the time you’ll see both. The good news is that our price comparison is compatible with both versions, so it won’t matter which of the two you use to find the exact textbook you need.

Look for older editions.

Want to save even more money when you buy cheap textbooks? Buy an older edition of the textbook that is required for your course. The upside is that the textbook will likely be very cheap. Of course the downside is that the textbook might be quite a bit different than the latest version. Since the older editions tend to be really cheap, you might not be out much money if it turns out there are substantial differences and you need to buy the newest edition.

You can usually sell your book after you are done with it.

The great thing about buying cheap textbooks is that you can usually sell them when you are done with them. A lot of people like to rent textbooks, but when comparing the 2 options of buying vs renting, you must consider that if you buy, you can also sell it when you are done with it.

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